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Deloitte Property Index

Overview of European Residential Markets

Twelth Edition
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The Deloitte Property Index 2023 compares prices of new homes, rents and other trends in residential markets in 27 European countries, including Ireland. Using average annual salaries, the report also seeks to understand affordability variations across countries.

Comment from Kate English, Director, Head of Real Estate Research:

Deloitte’s European Residential Index highlights two key facts for the residential market across Europe. Firstly, no market is without its challenges, as affordability constraints prove evident, not only in Ireland, but across many locations. Secondly, variation and volatility is also evident, as although many of the same factors are influencing markets’ performances, different stages of the cycle are at play. For Ireland, positively new completions in 2022 were amongst the highest in the surveyed countries. This is welcomed, as Ireland sits towards the bottom of the table when analysing stock to population ratios. Ireland has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in Europe. This fact, combined with the comparative housing stock analysis, reiterates the need for new supply to continue to be delivered, to alleviate supply constraints within the market.


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