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Business Plan Assessment & Analysis

Ensuring that a business plan is robust enough to deal with any financial challenges it may face.

Business plans frequently change as companies must respond to technological advancements, consumer habits and environmental issues. 

Ensuring that a business plan is robust enough to deal with any financial challenges it may face, provides a business with a platform to grow and facilitates meaningful discussions with a range of stakeholders including lenders and equity providers.

Our experienced team works with a variety of stakeholders to rigorously test the viability of a business plan. A review of a business plan can include but is not limited to:

  • Review of existing funding structures and debt arrangements;
  • Review of cash flow forecast and underlying assumptions;
  • Assessment of working capital and liquidity requirements;
  • Impact assessments and review of key issues affecting your business;
  • Options analysis to navigate market volatility or stress;

Our independent assessments and insightful analysis provides stakeholders with greater confidence in the viability of a business plan, and assists companies to identify areas where performance can be enhanced. We utilise a global network of sector experts to provide practical options and advice on critical matters.

Our services are tailored to suit the particular client, industry or stakeholder. We have recently been engaged in the following roles:

  • Advised a business in the gaming and lottery sector on cash flow forecasts, working capital requirements and contingency planning options;
  • Reviewed working capital and liquidity requirements for a technology company operating in the aviation sector;
  • Advised a group of lenders in a large debt restructuring process in the aviation industry, providing assessment and analysis of company proposals, while considering contingency planning options for the lender group;
  • Advised the key stakeholders in a large Northern Ireland tourist attraction on the impact of covid – 19, the scale of arrears and funding options available;
  • Performed business and options reviews for lenders assessing the impact of Covid -19, recovery assumptions and ability to meet debt obligations across multiple sectors;

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