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CFOs and the digital transformation of finance

Finance in a digital world: It’s crunch time!

The CFO’s guide to cognitive technology

Cognitive technologies have been adopted in other areas of business, inspiring finance to start learning about them, experimenting with them, and figuring out how to use them to transform the finance function. The goal, as with any finance technology initiative, is to create a more efficient, insightful, and controlled finance organisation.

The CFOs guide to cognitive technology provides insight into how and where cognitive technologies can play a role in the digitisation of finance. Many finance leaders are already devoting significant resources—financial and human—to deploying new technologies in these early days of cognitive computing, however it’s important to remember that these technologies don’t stand on their own. There is no Internet of Things or blockchain without cloud computing. There is no cognitive pattern matching without advanced analytics. These technologies build on one another. And what do they build into? Faster and better ways of getting work done.

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