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Cloud transformation in Irish Financial Services

FinSight | Future Focus

What are the biggest challenges facing financial services organisations when it comes to cloud transformation?

As financial services organisations increasingly evolve their digital capabilities, modernise legacy applications and move to new operating models, we see now more than ever the power that cloud brings to financial services organisations.

Cloud not only plays a role in bringing traditionally siloed organisations together from a data point of view, but this data can then change how those organisations understand customer behaviour, meet changing customer expectations, and ultimately stay competitive in the market.

In this edition of our FinSight | Future Focus video series, Richard Nunan, Partner – Consulting, and Andrew McKee, Director - Consulting, discuss the impact that cloud transformation can have for Irish financial services firms.

Key takeaways from the discussion

Cloud is the leveller that can allow financial services organisations to meet changing customer expectations.

You've got to have the data to be agile. And you've got to be agile for your customers and your portfolios. And if you don’t…your competitors start to step ahead in the game.

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