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Family Business Boards: A Three Part Series

Understanding, measuring and increasing the impact of family business boards

In this three-part series, our experts explore the role of family boards and the qualities required for them and individual board members, including the chair, to be more impactful and to deliver more value to the family business.

The first article in this series Board impact: Understanding and measuring the impact of a family business board looks at the role of family boards and presents a framework for understanding whether they are delivering value for their owners and wider stakeholders. 

Of course, assessing board impact is one thing – actually delivering that impact is another, and, as we discovered in the first piece, family businesses face a number of challenges in being impactful. 

In the second of our articles on family boards, Impactful Board Members: Attributes that add value, we look at the individual members themselves and what it takes to contribute effectively to a family board.

The third article of this series, coming soon, will explore the role of chairs in family business boards and how they can be more impactful in their role.

Stay tuned!

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