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Pensions and investments

Individual retirement planning

Tax efficient planning for individuals pre and post retirement.

How we can help


Our pensions and investments team have extensive knowledge and experience in financial planning for individuals both pre and post retirement.  We work with company executives, business owners and private individuals to bring a dynamic solution based approach in assisting our clients realise their financial objectives in a tax efficient manner.  

Our services include:

  • Individual retirement planning
  • Retirement and financial planning for company executives
  • Investment portfolio services
  • Protection

Individual retirement planning
We provide advice specifically in relation to pre-retirement pension planning; pension fund accumulation and cash flow analysis of the optimum funding strategy; efficient management of life time pensions planning; portability of pension funds into and out of Ireland.  We also provide advice on post retirement planning, including: Approved Retirement Funds (ARF) versus annuity based income streams and ARF set up and on-going management.

Retirement and financial planning for company executives
This includes an in depth analysis of an executive’s overall financial situation, covering retirement planning, general lifestyle financial planning and wealth management - all of which are carried out to ensure consistency with efficient tax and inheritance planning issues. 

Investment portfolio services
Based around a comprehensive risk profile assessment process, we take a proactive approach in our fund selection and recommendation process, working with individuals to ensure successful model portfolio structuring for those accumulating retirement funds, individuals at post retirement stage and those with investment portfolios.  We take an asset allocation approach, with an individual’s appetite for risk being paramount in all our implemented investment strategies. 

Protecting yourself, your dependants and your business from unforeseen adverse eventualities should be a core part of any financial plan.  Deloitte Pensions and investments is regulated by the Central Bank to provide independent advice on selecting the most effective and cost efficient form of protection for each scenario.  Some of the policies we can establish include the following:

  • Term life assurance
  • Income protection
  • Specified serious illness cover
  • Key person insurance
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