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Ireland beyond Brexit

Resilient, robust and resourceful

David Carson, Partner and Brexit Lead at Deloitte provides insight into the latest issues and concerns on Brexit.

Preparing for Brexit


What are the key strategic planning approaches that Irish organisations are implementing to best prepare for Brexit? (Corporates & SMEs)

Preparations for Brexit are focused on the key areas that will be impacted the most: the movement of people, restrictions to market access, cost of market access and market opportunities. While large corporates have engaged in scenario planning, surveys indicate that relatively few SMEs have done so. The principle reasons for this is a lack of resources, both financial and human. The key planning considerations for any business in preparing for Brexit are: (i) what impact will Brexit have on revenues, costs and profitability and (ii) what changes are required to minimise any negative impact Brexit may have and to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. These changes may involve exporting more to EU relative to UK markets, an acquisition or diversification strategy in the UK in order to protect and enhance that market or fundamental operational changes to a business’ supply chain and operations.

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