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Deloitte Sustainability Services

In today’s business environment, where organisations are beginning to realise the utmost importance of finding the right balance between financial, social, and environmental priorities, a carefully orchestrated Deloitte Sustainability strategy is vital to long-term success.

A Deloitte Sustainability strategy is most effective when aligned and integrated with existing strategic initiatives, and coordinated with an intelligent approach to the related risks and rewards. Deloitte member firms help clients to successfully manage corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues. Deloitte’s global service teams have the experience and the subject matter knowledge in several industries to assist companies in embedding corporate responsibility into business activities wherever they operate. Deloitte supports efforts to deliver long-term sustainable value to the company and its stakeholders. In addition, Deloitte’s professional teams can help with best practice people management; assess business-related risks and opportunities; and help to develop sound and responsible corporate business strategies.

Below are the areas where Deloitte can help:

Resource Excellence: We assist our clients in managing the business and environmental impacts of natural resources consumption (such as water), energy, waste, and emissions by translating analytical insights into actionable cost savings, risk mitigation opportunities, and economic value.

Social Impact: We help organisations to identify, measure, value, monitor, and report the social impacts of projects, programs, and policies. We combine competence, experience, and methodological rigor to help clients maximise social impact and shared value opportunities.

Environment Health & Safety: We help clients navigate their EH&S risk and compliance landscape through a pragmatic approach to integrating their critical EH&S processes into broader operational risk management and sustainability programs.

Sustainable Supply Chain: We help our clients refine supply chains, product lifecycles and internal operations by addressing diverse issues such as supplier engagement and extended producer strategy, sourcing and procurement, packaging, closed loop recycling, supply chain transparency, and upholding international human and labor rights.

Sustainable Finance: We help our clients incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment decisions to enable more effective management and valuation of natural capital and ecosystem services and to drive tangible economic value and more positive environmental and societal impact in the financial sector.

Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships: We assist our clients in advancing their sustainability agenda by advising on stakeholder engagement strategies and assessments, including engagement measurement and design services, in order to achieve performance objectives and demonstrate accountability to external stakeholders.

Sustainability & Integrated Reporting: We assist organisations in applying the concept of integrated thinking to achieve strategic objectives and communicate corporate performance through integrated reporting. Integrated reporting requires the consideration of dependence and impact on a broader set of capitals beyond financial and manufactured capitals, to include natural, human, social and relationship, and intellectual capitals.

Sustainability Assurance: We assist our clients in increasing the credibility and reliability of sustainability disclosures by providing both internal and external assurance on sustainability reports, greenhouse gas (GHG) statements, and other forms of non-financial information.

Public Sector Sustainable Energy Services: We advise federal government clients on energy management and energy policy issues, and we assist international donor and development clients on expanding access to energy in developing countries. We provide cutting-edge, specialised technical assistance and a demonstrated ability to develop and implement energy services and solutions for developing countries and emerging markets.

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