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2023 global shared services and outsourcing survey

Service delivery models are always evolving. The world’s largest companies are transforming to leverage global, multifunctional, and hybrid working models with tightening economic conditions. These organisations are prioritising areas across work, workforce, and workplace to be successful. Apart from expanding the traditional functional scope, they are accelerating digital capabilities like automation, analytics, and reporting to become more customer-centric. These global business services (GBS) organisations are also promoting the social responsibility and diversity agenda and supporting a range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) processes.

GBS organisations are taking the driver’s seat in delivering transformational capabilities to the organisation and are becoming more closely aligned to the C-suite. Overall, what’s clear is that shared services centres (SSCs) and GBS models are becoming more agile, digital, and cost efficient as they seek to provide a better customer and employee experience.

Deloitte’s 13th Shared Services and Outsourcing Survey

What was happening in the world?

  • The survey was conducted from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023; businesses all over the world were on a transformational journey to make their operations more agile while also reducing costs in response to the post-pandemic disruptions.
  • Global economies were staring at a risk of a recession due to supply chain disruptions sparked by geopolitical events.

How was it different?

  • Insights on trending topics such as hyper digitisation, cost efficiency, and resilience in a constantly evolving environment.
  • Evolution of GBS from an efficient back office to a key business partner.
  • Increasing role of C-suite, particularly CFOs, in the GBS landscape.
  • Focus on GBS playing a key role in sustainability and ESG.

Key trends: Customer-centric digital capabilities with an ESG focus

Compare the results with the 2021 edition


For more detail on Global Business Services (GBS) please follow the below link:

Global Business Services (GBS) | Deloitte Ireland

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