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Webinar: Marketing 2022: Key Trends for Growth

In this webinar Deloitte Digital, ACNE and Marketing Institute Ireland have joined forces to discuss the launch of Deloitte’s 2022 Global Marketing Trends research and what it means for marketeers in Ireland.

2022 Global Marketing Trends

Visit the trends webpage to view the full report 

If the last two years have taught marketers anything, it’s that the role of the marketeer is intrinsically linked to the world around them. While instability is still real, the landscape of the post-pandemic world is becoming clearer. Reading that landscape early is vital for marketers seeking to maximise growth in 2022.

Our webinar 'Marketing 2022: Key Trends for Growth' aimed to provide attendees with useful insights and practical tips which they can implement in their own marketing strategies. Topics explored during the webinar included:

  • Our 2022 Global Marketing Trends research, which consulted 11,500 consumers in Ireland and worldwide, was discussed by Deloitte's own Senior Research expert Tim Murphy who focused on three emerging trends: marketing in a cookieless world, the use of AI in relation to customer service and perfecting the intelligent creative engine.
  • We were then joined by leading industry marketers Elaine Doyle, Head of Marketing, Distilled; Jimmy Murphy, Director, ACNE and; Mark Brennan, Marketing Lead, Allianz who shared their experiences and discussed what these trends mean to their organisations. This panel discussion was chaired by Dylan Cotter, Director, ACNE.

If you would like to receive more information on this presentation or would like to do a 1:1 session for your team, please contact Dave Conway.

Marketing 2022: Key Trends for Growth

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