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AI with purpose

Ireland’s vision for artificial intelligence

As Ireland announced its first AI Ambassador and the Department of Trade, Enterprise and Employment sets an ambition to have 75% of all enterprises to be using AI, cloud and big data by 2030, we look at Ireland's AI Strategy in detail. 

AI in Ireland - An opportunity for growth

The Irish Government released its AI Strategy “AI - Here for Good” in July 2021, outlining a set of initiatives to meet to be an international leader in using AI to benefit our economy and society. It is a positive step towards further materialising the significant benefits from AI and associated technologies.

Ireland is well positioned to be a leader in AI thanks to its innovative culture,
adaptable capability, and tech savvy workforce. Adopting AI across the enterprise is a critical component of realising our national ambition. It is within organisations and businesses where the theoretical capability of AI is combined with industry knowledge to create powerful solutions, which can result in a meaningful impact to our economy, our society and our lives.

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