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The Disruptive Chat Bots

Sizing up real opportunities for business

Chat bots are poised to disrupt the way organisations communicate with their customers. With chat bots adding greater functionality to already popular messaging apps, there is a possibility to lose direct contact with your customers.

One way to engage them in the right place, at the right time, with the right information in a cost effective manner is through the proactive incorporation of chat bots into the heart of your products and services Here are some tips that may be helpful when considering chat bots as potential agents of change within your organisation. 

1. Clearly articulated value proposition

Chatbots can be deployed to provide basic customer support by themselves, support human interactions with detailed facts, highlight and drive sales opportunities or streamline internal processes, so be sure to understand and articulate what your chatbots are for early on.

2. Focus on specific products and services

Aim to limit the scope of what your chatbots can do by focusing on one product or service to start with. Only engage the chatbot when the conversation turns to its speciality, while augmenting this conversation with a person. Slowly, expand the chatbot’s knowledge base by feeding it more relevant information over time.

3. Ensure all relevant data is available

A chatbot needs to have all the relevant information about the products or services it is supporting. Ensure that your chatbot has been exposed to the relevant internal process flows, specific customer journey maps and deep knowledge that is required for it to answer queries and automate responses.

4. Learn and adapt

Use the data obtained from these chatbot-centric interactions to further refine the chatbots themselves. Have processes in place to harness these learnings to improve the very products and services that chatbots support.

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