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Navigating change as a COO

Thriving in an evolving role

When you became COO, you knew there would be challenges: managing a heavy work load, building meaningful relationships and leading your organisation. You were excited by the opportunity to show that you had what it takes. Now, you are focussed on what lasting success really looks like and how to achieve it…

Balancing growth and risk

Given the pace of change - and the volatility in the impact of potential disruptors - executives may struggle to determine where to place bets, how much to invest, and when to do it. Wait too long and they risk seeing market value quickly erode; invest inefficiently and they could face a cash crunch or investro backlash. Management teams must increasingly balance growth and risk. We consistently see executives try to solve for six questions - each of which can fundamentally pull the organisation in a different direction, all of which are critical in the effort to "win" in the digital economy. 

Executives often ask themselves, How do we:

  • Grow amid increasing market and customer expectations
  • Respond faster to market and competitive disruptions
  • Simplify organisational processes, both internal and external
  • Maximise returns on limited financial and human capital
  • Incubate and test new products and technoogies
  • Pivot to competitive business models

The good news for companies born before the digital era is that they often quickly understand the value in transforming to agile, adaptive, and responsive enterprises because they already have the other intangibles in place: strong brands, and entrenched customer base, established sales methods, and partners - supplies, distrubutors, and technology.

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