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Payslip - global payroll software

Discover how Payslip launched a new cloud system that allowed their customers to manage the payroll process globally.



Payslip’s digital technology empowers payroll professionals to streamline their global payroll processes and manage their international data, resources and vendors efficiently on one user friendly cloud platform. Payslip do this by building innovative global payroll management software which customers can use to deliver efficient reliable payroll, useful business intelligence and a positive payroll experience worldwide.
The company was founded by Fidelma McGuirk to solve an issue she encountered many times throughout her career – the complicated and time-consuming process of finding an international payroll company.

"I thought there has to be an easier way. Payroll has similar data exchange and authorisation steps across most companies and across the world. Repeatable actions can be automated. Let’s automate the common parts.

So, we set out to build a new option. A software solution that maps out the payroll actions and deadlines per pay period and that is clear and intuitive to use. Software that makes payroll processing a great experience. A Technology approach to driving a unified efficient process, regardless what country the payroll is in."
Fidelma McGuirk, Founder and CEO, Payslip

The Challenge

Payslip wanted to launch a new multi-tenant SaaS service to the European and US market that would allow their customers to manage the payroll process across multiple states, countries or regions. Payslip needed a new solution as their product was nearing its initial release but the choice of the right public cloud platform was not finalised.

They needed a partner that could assist their developers with a SaaS delivery model that would provide a technical landscape with the necessary resilience, scalability, security, compliance and deployment capabilities to deliver a service that would enable their mission of delivering a global payroll processing service.


The Solution

Using the concepts from the AWS SaaS enablement Framework and the AWS Well Architected Framework, we were able to identify clear business reasons for the adoption of AWS services to host the solution. This included the enhancement of their platform by adopting the Amazon Elastic Container Service to provide the orchestration services for their docker micro-services and building on AWS services (including Amazon RDS and Amazon Cloudfront ) and the Deloitte Managed Service to deliver a complete solution that enabled the required agility whilst ensuring the necessary security , audit and compliance controls.


The Outcome

Payslip successfully launched their SaaS solution on target and were able to immediately onboard customers without having to make compromises despite aggressive timescales. They have been able to continue to market and win new business from large enterprises who demand the highest standards that have been inbuilt in their platform from launch.

About the client

Payslip provides technology for global payroll management to multinational companies around the world. Their technology automates payroll processes and standardises payroll data, helping companies to centrally manage and maintain full control over their global payroll operations.Visit the Payslip website here.


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