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ESG Risk & Regulation

As sustainability risk grows and complex regulations unfold, leaders need to take a proactive approach to future-proofing their business

Our team can demystify the evolving sustainability landscape and assist you in visualising and mitigating these risks through scenario modelling and transition planning.

Risk. Analysis. Regulation. Transformation. Value. Creation. Impact.

Since 2015, there have been 400+ regulatory changes relating to ESG matters. Globally, agendas have shifted to promote a transition to a more responsible and sustainable economy - an acutely complex landscape that is continuing to evolve.

Companies now need to think about whether their revenue is environmentally sustainable, how sustainability risks can be factored into strategy and operations and how to keep up to speed and be compliant with regulation. 

We help clients better manage sustainability value creation and risk exposure by embedding ESG considerations into core operations and drive improved decision-making through business case development and scenario modelling, ESG focused M&A processes and debt-raising support. 

We can provide guidance and support to answer key sustainable risk & regulation questions including:

  • How do we identify, quantify and integrate sustainability risks into our business strategy? 
  • How do we decipher what regulations apply to our operations? 
  • How do we keep up to speed and compliant with sustainable regulations? 
  • How do we identify risks in our supply chain? 

Collaborating for impact

Ireland’s financial sector is a leader in sustainable finance, with growing awareness that taking ESG factors into account when making investment decisions can have a positive impact not only on the planet, but also for investors.

One of our clients in this space is a global sustainable packaging firm, who engaged us to perform a readiness assessment of their allocation of net proceeds in respect of their 2020 Green Financing Framework (Green Bond).

From this assessment, we produced a confidential management report setting out the company’s preparedness for a formal limited assurance engagement, and recommendations for enhancement.

Why work with us?

Our ecosystem of experts combines knowledge of non-financial topics, internal and external reporting, and regulatory measures to help you navigate complex challenges around sustainability - from strategy through to implementation.

Our industry expertise and international network, including the Deloitte EMEA Sustainability Regulation Hub and partnership with the International Sustainable Finance Centre of Excellence - ensure that our teams are at the cutting edge of new developments.

The business landscape is changing. It’s important that organisations transform their risk frameworks and look at their gaps from a compliance perspective.

Marc Aboud, Sustainability Risk and Regulation Lead