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ESG Reporting & Assurance

Communicate responsibly, with confidence
As sustainability disclosures becoming  increasingly complex, being able to count on the opinion of experts becomes critical. Ensure complete and transparent preparation, assurance, and disclosure of ESG data with the support of our specialists.

Reporting. Transparency. Disclosures. Data. Performance.

The stakes are rising for businesses to provide transparent and reliable information on their strategy and risk performance.

Stakeholders expect a clear picture of where businesses are and where they are heading, and financial bodies now hold sustainability data to the same standards as traditional financial information.

For Irish companies, ESG regulation in the EU is moving at an advanced pace. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (“CSRD”), which comes into effect from 01 January 2024, will radically improve existing reporting requirements on ESG matters. This ambitious package of measures will have a significant impact on changing how companies report and disclose the sustainability of their business, showcasing the progress they are making against their ambitions and targets, whilst also providing structure around transparency in reports. 

With assurance requirements also in the mix, the need for a solid process, controls and data system will be a huge focus for entities in the near term. 

We can bring our deep audit, assurance and ESG expertise to help you answer questions including:

  • How do we ensure the accuracy and completeness of our reporting on climate risk and emissions?
  • What should our operating model look like to enable ESG reporting and disclosures?
  • What skills and capabilities do we need to meet ESG requirements?
  • What ESG assurance requirements is my business facing?

Collaborating for impact

In an ever-changing regulatory environment and amid widespread scrutiny around greenwashing, it is increasingly important for businesses to be able to provide clarity around their operations from a sustainability perspective.

Recently, we joined with a large multinational technology company in the first phase of its journey to identifying and implementing ESG reporting requirements for its operations across EMEA, LATAM and APAC.

Our teams supported the company by developing a roadmap which identified and summarised their ESG reporting requirements for each jurisdiction, helping to ensure there were no gaps in planning.

Why work with us?

We combine both significant auditing and assurance experience with a deep understanding of ESG matters, to help you and your stakeholders have confidence that you are disclosing correct and accurate information.

Our global scale, matched with industry depth, allows us to meet businesses wherever they are on their sustainability journey and provide support across KPI setting and data collection through to non-financial reporting and advisory services (including mandatory reporting such as SFDR), and non-financial assurance.

There is now a clear expectation of businesses to be transparent and accurate in their reporting around ESG – our clients trust us to join them on that journey and ensure that they can report with confidence.

Hollie Keating – Director, ESG Reporting and Assurance