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ESG Data & Technology

Data and technology solutions are the key to unlocking an organisation’s ESG strategy.
When charting a new path, making decisions based on reliable information is critical.  Whether developing your ESG strategy or preparing for upcoming reporting requirements, our teams can help you to utilise data and technology to move forward with confidence. 

The complexity of ESG data management is relentlessly increasing; organisations are likely to need solutions to report sustainability data using multiple regulatory frameworks for years to come. The combination of investor-grade data and digital tools that automate data collection and facilitate the assurance process are critical for mandatory ESG reporting. To enable investor-grade data, several key foundational building blocks (information architecture layers) require careful consideration.


Moving beyond compliance towards embedding ESG across the organisation requires integrated digital solutions, capabilities and architectures to monitor and optimise sustainability performance.


We can provide guidance and support to answer key questions including:


  • How can we utilise existing data within our business to respond to ESG disclosure requirements?
  • How can we generate investor-grade ESG data to support transparent, trustworthy and relevant ESG reporting?  
  • How can ESG data help to reduce risk and protect our company’s reputation?
  • How can we design a reporting and analytics framework to support our ESG strategy? 

Collaborating for impact

Recently, we partnered with a large manufacturing organisation to implement a holistic, integrated data and insights program to measure and drive sustainability. Our team defined the data and reporting requirements, strategy, KPIs, processes, governance, and roadmap required to embed ESG into the client’s performance management processes. In addition, the team defined the target state technology architecture and developed a reporting suite to support external and internal management reporting.


Why work with us?

Deloitte is a leader in unlocking sustainable value and business agility through technology. We channel this expertise to embed ESG and sustainability across your organisation.

Our ESG Data & Technology offering helps clients navigate an increasingly complex sustainability data landscape and enable the digital capabilities required to embed ESG and gain a competitive advantage.

Our dedicated digital assets and solutions work seamlessly with those of our world-leading alliance partners such as SAP, Salesforce, AWS and IBM, to ensure your organisation’s data and technology landscape is architected to effectively enable your business ESG strategy.

Leading organisations are leveraging an ecosystem of data and technology solutions to enable them to embed ESG into their business strategies and differentiate themselves from their competitors in terms of performance.

Orla Dunbar, Sustainability Data and Technology Lead