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Climate & Decarbonisation

The best of today’s business leaders are those taking bold actions to ensure their organisations continue to thrive while operating within the planetary boundaries.

We help identify and prioritise the sustainability opportunities and decisions that will create a difference today and lay the foundations for future generations – making sustainability an integral part of business strategy.

Strategy. ESG Opportunity. Stakeholders. Business Models. Circular Economy.

Governments around the world are setting increasingly ambitious carbon reduction targets. This, combined with increasing pressure from investors, regulators, governments, consumers and internal stakeholders, brings new opportunities along and has made acting on issues of climate and sustainability an imperative for every organisation.

Decarbonisation is a long-term investment and a complex route to follow. With our global network of specialists, we can support your business to assess risks and opportunities, develop a clear and actionable sustainability roadmap and work with your teams on product, workforce and public policy strategy.

We can provide insight and actionable plans to answer key climate and decarbonisation questions including:

  • What is our strategy and what areas should we prioritise?
  • How do we develop and implement a climate action plan?
  • What data and reporting systems do we need to track and measure our ESG data and how do we measure progress against our targets?
  • Do we have a governance structure and operating model in place to deiver on our commitments?

Together, we can drive actionable and efficient transition strategies for a net-zero future.

Collaborating for impact

We’ve worked with some of Ireland’s most recognisable companies to bring clarity, offer solutions and support the implementation of climate and decarbonisation initiatives.

These include a high-growth global technology company, who believed that ESG offered an opportunity to drive growth and impact but needed support in developing a best-in-class ambition that would shape its corporate strategy.

From competitor benchmarking to facilitating internal workshops, we were able to help them to articulate their vision, define priorities and align key stakeholders before moving forward to product development and the creation of an actionable ESG roadmap.

Why work with us?
Our team can meet you wherever you are on your sustainability journey, and provide the knowledge, systems, tools and rigour to channel real change through every part of your organisation. 

We leverage our extensive and rapidly expanding network of sustainability practitioners, as well as industry leaders and experts to bridge the gap between business and academia, technology and science to provide the answers and guidance you need. 

Deloitte has built market-leading assets to help navigate the complexity of climate transition and mitigation risks, as well as realise the opportunities of a transition to net-zero. Find out more about our solutions including GreenLight and GreenSpace.

We are leading the way and, in September 2020, launched WorldClimate - our enhanced strategy to drive responsible climate choices within our organisation and beyond. 

Businesses need to challenge themselves to look at the strategic opportunity around sustainability and set out a clear path towards progress.

Aoife Connaughton, Sustainability Strategy and Decarbonisation Lead