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EMEA Blockchain Hub

Unlocking potential together

Blockchain. The technology that's changing the rules

Collaboration is the core of the blockchain, and fundamental to what we do at the Deloitte Blockchain Lab. As part of Deloitte’s broader FinTech initiative, the EMEA Blockchain Hub is coordinated out of Dublin, involving specialised teams from across Europe.

The hub works closely with other centers of excellence in digital, analytics and information management to create ground breaking new thinking. We are rapidly building to a 50-strong team, comprising of developers, designers and thought leaders, who work with international organisations looking to roll out blockchain-enabled solutions across different countries.

Our team of experts work with you to develop blockchain capabilities. From identifying the best use case, assessing suitability, developing proof of concepts and building market ready solutions. We have a range of offerings to accelerate your use of blockchain. These can be tailored to suit you.

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Redefining the Future