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iXBRL tagging and the Irish Revenue

Filing your financial statements in iXBRL with minimal disruption is the goal for many companies

The Deloitte service

We can ease the pain of converting your company accounts into iXBRL through our end to end conversion service. The Deloitte iXBRL services solution takes a set of completed accounts and produces them in iXBRL format suitable for submission to the Irish Revenue and provides them back to you for your review, allowing you to concentrate on your day job.iXBRL tagging and the Irish Revenue Download our flyer

Why are iXBRL accounts required?

The Irish Revenue have mandated corporate taxpayers filing their returns in Large Cases District to file iXBRL accounts from 1 October, 2013. This is being extended to most companies which are subject to an audit from 1 October, 2014 and to all other companies from 1 October, 2015.

How will the accounts be tagged?

We have a number of delivery methods for our iXBRL service. We use a range of technologies. This allows Deloitte to be flexible when determining the best tool for the job and mitigates the risk of any technology failure.