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Welcome Deloitte Alumni

Connected by shared experience

Welcome to Deloitte’s global alumni relations network. Whether you worked here for two-or-twenty years, Deloitte alumni are “Colleagues for life,” and we want to stay connected. Leverage the power of the Deloitte network wherever you are in the world and take advantage of local alumni programs. 

Alumni resources

The latest research, analyses and strategies to help future-focussed organisations thrive in this period of great challenge.

This report is an extensive longitudinal study of HR, talent and related technology topics form 14,000 business and HR leaders polled across every industry, over 95 countries.

In this issue, we explore this new decision-making calculus, examining a handful of the variables many leaders now contend with, and offering proprietary data and fresh perspectives to help inform your next strategic decision.

Climate change doesn’t affect just a few people—it affects every person living on Earth. Since we all share the same planet, we’re all connected and in this together. Only a united effort will spark genuine transformation.

Digital transformation is an essential bridge between the business of today and the business of tomorrow. While digital investments are accelerating, digital return in the form of growth and competitive advantage can remain elusive.

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of work is here. As increasing connectivity, robotics, and cognitive tools change the nature of work, new talent models and the gig economy are reinventing many jobs. Now is the time to reimagine why, where, and how work gets done—and unleash the energy and endless possibilities of human potential.

Trust is both a determinant and a driver of an organisation’s success, yet many industries are contending with a deep trust deficit. Learn how to assess, diagnose, measure and use the trust equity you have with your employees, customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders to ensure the success of any strategic initiative.

Resilient leaders can quickly connect today’s resources—individuals, organisations, institutions and society—to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Explore the insights we compiled to help you build more organisational resilience. And to help us all build a more resilient world.

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