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Diversity & Inclusion with Jennifer Powell

How do you identify yourself?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Powell and I’m female from Ireland

What does inclusion mean to you?

Inclusion to me is the ability for everyone to reach their full potential regardless of their backgrounds.

What challenges did you experience, if any, in your career and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge was not having any confidence in myself and my worth as a professional. I suffered from ‘Imposter syndrome’ and was terrified of been ‘found out’, to the point I was afraid to ask a question or for help, for fear of been seen as incompetent or stupid. However, I was extremely lucky in that other people saw my potential before I ever believed in myself and through their encouragement, I started to believe in myself, gain confidence and feel less of an imposter.

What could others learn from your journey?

Trust in your own abilities and have confidence in yourself and your worth as a professional and a person. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or for help, it is how you learn and grow. 

Inclusion to me is the ability for everyone to reach their full potential regardless of their backgrounds.

How is Deloitte helping you build your career?

Deloitte has given me the opportunity to work on different projects that would not have been open to me within a smaller business.

Do you have any mentors and if so, what is their value to you?

I have been privileged in my career to encounter amazing women who have mentored me at different stages of my journey and provided me with the space and patience to develop in my career, while always been there to support me. Support from a mentor doesn’t always have to be a big formal meeting, sometimes it was just having a coffee and brainstorming an idea or solution to a query. I am honoured to count some of my mentors as lifelong friends.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to a young female starting off their career?

Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you have. Starting out I was very shy, but the more questions I asked the more I was able to grow and develop within my career and that helped me to gain confidence in my own abilities.

What do you see is the role of an ally/ what do you value most?

An Ally is someone who will stand with you, who will support and encourage you to be the best version of you.

Please describe inclusion in 5 words.

Ability to hear all views

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