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Joining Deloitte from a STEM background

From Chemistry to Audit & Assurance - Róisín shares her experience

My journey with Deloitte began a little bit differently than most, or so I thought. I had studied Science in college and remained unsure of my career path after graduation. Coming from a STEM background I found the idea of the career change, from Chemistry in my case to Audit and Assurance, a bit daunting.

My family and peers were surprised at the mention of the change, especially as I was perceived to be doing well and had gained my degree after a lot of hard work in that area. At the time of my interview for the graduate programme, I was already researching in a lab and while I enjoyed the work to an extent, I knew that that career just wasn’t for me in the long run.

I had started looking into accountancy while working in the lab and liked the sound of what I was hearing. I had friends in the profession who encouraged me further and with positive word of mouth surrounding Deloitte and STEM intake, I applied and was lucky enough to be selected for interview. After attending the Deloitte networking event and experiencing first-hand the friendliness of the staff and other interviewees, together with the reassurance that they gave me in terms of my professional and academic capability with my background, I was sold on the idea that this could be the career for me.

Of course I was delighted then when I found out that I had been successful in my interview and was accepted into the graduate intake later that year.

I got an immediate feeling from Deloitte that they really do embrace the diversity of people, whilst encouraging growth through continuous learning and professional development. I realised very quickly that there were many others like me who came from different backgrounds and had plenty to learn. There was a definite feeling of support and comradery there, and I was no longer worried about asking ‘stupid questions’.

Within my short time here, I have already been exposed to a number of new challenges and felt valued for the opinions and work that I have presented. Responsibility and leadership is encouraged early on and the sense of reward after a job well done goes hand in hand with this. I already feel like I have gained a whole new understanding in this field thanks to lectures, on the job training and the openness of those around you to help you on the way.

Students really don’t hear enough about the positive side of making the move from a STEM background into accountancy, or Audit and Assurance in my case, and how viable this option is to you with the experience that you have. If you enjoy multi-tasking/planning, problem solving and working with people in particular, then this is definitely a pathway that I would urge students to consider.

There are so many transferrable skills that will stand to you and if you engage yourself and are willing to learn, the opportunities for your progression in this firm are endless. It can understandably be a difficult call to make, but it can also be an extremely worthwhile when considering your own fulfilment in the future.

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