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Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Deloitte Ireland has published its 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

The gender pay gap in our organisation now stands at 4.9%. This shows the largest improvement (decrease of 2.6%) within a one-year period since we started analysing this data in 2018. Our gender bonus pay gap stands at 7.2%.

Women make up 49% of our total firm population, with 45% at director level, 53% management level and 49% below management. The gender pay gap arises because fewer senior positions in the firm are held by women, and those women in senior roles have, on average, less tenure.

Under the Regulations, we are required to report our gender pay gap data for each separate legal entity that has at least 250 employees. However, we recognise that this is a limited measure given that it is at partner level, as the owners of the business, where we must see meaningful change in gender balance. This report includes the gender pay gap at partnership level within our firm, and highlights our focused target of achieving 35% female partnership by 2025.

While our numbers are moving in the right direction, we are not yet where we want to be and will continue to accelerate our actions, and measure and track our progress. Our Gender Pay Gap Report outlines the actions we are taking to address and close the gap.

Improving our gender balance at all levels of the organisation is vital to bringing diversity of thought to everything we do. While we have seen progress this year, we know that we still have more to do. Our progress will only be sustained and accelerated when we are measuring and reporting on our actions and addressing the structural barriers and designing internal systems that disrupt the biases that arise. Our Gender Pay Gap Report outlines how we are doing that.

Sinead Gogan
Chief Human Resources Officer

With clear evidence of the impact of better gender balance on business outcomes, it is incumbent on companies to drive long-term cultural change. That remains our focus at Deloitte as we look at the makeup of our own business, not only because it improves business performance, but because it is the right thing to do.

Harry Goddard

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