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Stephen Prendiville

Sustainable Infrastructure Leader

Stephen is a core member of Deloitte’s Sustainability leadership group. Originally from Limerick, Stephen moved to Canada in 2011 where he worked with large cities (including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa) to deliver sustainable mobility solutions as well as climate and infrastructure resilience advisory services. Stephen has dedicated his professional career to network system thinking – considering the implications of multiple trends and disruptions for planning and strategy development for clients. His experience and work to date has included some of the largest and most complex infrastructure undertakings, covering over EUR 50 billion in capital expenditures to date.

Stephen has extensive experience in disruption and strategic advisory (including sustainability and decarbonisation linked change and opportunity), transaction and commercial advisory, energy transition pathways, real estate and urban development strategy (including transit orientated development), and social infrastructure projects. Stephen has a focus on resilience and sustainability strategy and transactions.