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Joanne Clarke | Deloitte Ireland

Director - Indirect Tax

Joanne is a Director in the Deloitte Ireland Indirect Tax team and is a well-established and seasoned advisor in the area of VAT.

Joanne has extensive experience with assisting international organisations with VAT technical analysis, business model and supply chain structuring & optimisation, governance & compliance and dispute resolution in many VAT territories across the globe. She has also worked with diverse family owned businesses, start-ups & SMEs, public/PPP and NGOs, supporting them with their local and international VAT matters.

Joanne supports clients across all industry sectors including eCommerce, digital services, real estate & construction, life sciences, aviation, education, betting and gaming, hospitality, retail and more. She understands the unique VAT challenges facing clients who operate in different industry sectors using varying corporate structures. She works with her clients and other professional services experts in a collaborative manner in order to identify solutions suited to her client’s business.

Joanne spent 5years in the Gulf region, supporting clients with comprehensive VAT implementation and transformation projects, including corporate groups with over 100+ entities trading across multiple industry sectors. Joanne managed and delivered internal VAT governance, compliance strategies and processes/procedures/controls, legal & contracting templates, pricing strategies, VAT inputs for determining ERP scripts, compliance manuals & training and full change management roll-out.

Joanne has ample experience in tax policy, legislation and court judgment analysis and interpretation, tax authority interactions (incl. audits, disclosures and disputes) and tax planning. She has active relationships with Tax Institutes, Tax research and publication bodies and tax authorities across a number of regions. She has published many articles in the area of VAT down through the years and presented at a range of external events /webinars, including for the CIOT’s Tax Advisor Magazine, Lexis Nexis, Bloomberg, Dubai Legal Affairs Department, ICAI, Orca Law UK and more.

Professional Affiliations

Chartered Tax Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland

Chartered Tax Adviser, Irish Tax Institute

B. Comm Degree, National University of Ireland, Galway