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John McCarthy

Director, Regulatory Risk

John is a Director in our Risk and Regulatory Consulting team in Risk Advisory, and joined Deloitte in 2015 following 6 years' experience working in the banking sector. Find out more about his role, team and career highlights to date.
What does a typical day look like in your role?

A typical day for me is usually very varied - if that isn't a contradiction in terms! - incorporating existing client work (e.g. meetings, drafting or reviewing deliverables), business development/prospective client work (e.g. proposals, meetings), administration (e.g. billing and expenses) and talent management (e.g. team oversight and coaching).

What attracted you to Deloitte as a career move? What development opportunities have you had since joining?
There were a couple of key attractions - the potential to work with a wide range of clients on a diverse set of projects and the strong reputation and brand Deloitte had in Ireland and further afield.


I have been lucky enough to have a lot of development opportunities since joining, including leading increasingly complex engagements, managing larger teams and being exposed to new subject matter areas and clients. Coaching is a key focus in Deloitte, and my responsibilities in that regard have been part of my development. 

What advice would you give someone coming for an interview on the team, and what can new joiners expect from their first few days at Deloitte?

In terms of advice, come prepared for the interview but don't over-engineer it - we use standard questions for at least part of the interview but I personally like to have an open and relaxed conversation about background, motivations and experience. New joiners can expect the standard on-boarding, induction and e-learnings, but most importantly will get to meet the team and ask questions about with whom and how we work. It very much depends on the role and client demands, but a new joiner might also be placed on a project within the first week of joining.

What is it about your role/industry that keeps you interested?

I work on the Regulatory Risk and Compliance team and the regulatory landscape is ever-changing and keeps me interested. Aside from that, the people I work with keep me motivated - we have developed a strong team in Deloitte and I am very fortunate to work with excellent people.

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