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The future of Enterprise Asset Management

How the Connected Digital Twin is shaping your landscape

It’s no secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining the relationship we have with our environment. Technologies such as drones, light and temperature sensors, cameras, mobile and integrated weather forecasting not only connect to the environment but they also interact with the physical assets in our business.

If high value physical assets could be made digitally visible, could technologies like these help reduce the complexities of managing them? Could the availability and accessibility of asset IoT data prove a valuable source when making business decisions?

In a word, yes. After all, in the era of the newly connected worker, drones and wearable technologies relieve the burden of dangerous tasks. As a Platinum Business Partner of IBM, Deloitte is working to deliver solutions for our clients in asset intensive industries. Connected technologies when used with IBM Maximo will prove to be game changers in managing high value physical assets, provided they are harnessed in the right way. This means intelligently synthesising specific data from the IoT, and creating an interactive digital version of your physical asset: its connected digital twin. It provides an accurate real-time digital view of your asset’s performance, accessible on your desktop or from your preferred device.

IBM Maximo and Deloitte have taken the next step. Find out what’s new by reading the full report.

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