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The Future Citizen

Innovation for the new public sector

Our society and our citizen expectations are changing faster than ever before.  To keep pace with these changes and face the future, the public sector must evolve and innovate.  But how?

We know that innovation is easier said than done.  That’s why we launched the Innovation series for the public sector.  Delivered through quarterly Breakfast Briefings the series is focussed on the future of public service and drawing insights from successful innovation around the world.

In order to face the future, we need to know what the future is.  That’s why our inaugural briefing was about the future citizen.  The decisions the public sector makes now are shaping public services for citizens who aren’t even born yet.  We looked at who the future citizen is, what they will expect, and how the public sector can innovate to meet their needs. 


Expert speakers

Topic: It’s nice to meet you! An introduction to the future citizen

From Baby Boomers to Digital Natives to … who knows? Claire Fitzpatrick, innovation and start-up expert and co-founder of Red Planet, does.  She told us what to expect from the citizens of the future – and what they will expect from their public services.

Topic: The centre of the world: putting the future citizen at the centre of solution design

Solutions that don’t have the citizen at the centre just won’t cut it for the future citizen. Claire Dowling, award-winning designer and Creative Director at Deloitte Digital, showed us how user-centred design can apply to the public sector, and what it looks like in action. 

Panel discussion

Let’s talk!  How to innovate for the future citizen

We know that innovation isn’t easy and that the public sector faces unique challenges in innovating. Our interactive panel discussion, featuring innovation leaders, examined the challenges faced in innovating in the public sector and how best to overcome these, based on real-world experience. 


GovLab is all about enabling innovation in the public sector.

GovLab is our unique Deloitte proposition dedicated to innovation in the public sector.  Central to the GovLab concept is  user centred design.  Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, GovLab works to unearth opportunities and spur ongoing growth that helps public sector organisations:

  • set and implement innovation strategy;
  • design, build and launch innovations and;
  • become better innovators through empowering organisations with the right processes, tradecraft and partnerships to deliver innovation results.

Click here to find out more about GovLab.

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