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RPA in Action: Health Service Executive

Delivering Automation and Building RPA Capability

The Health Service Executive (HSE) commenced work with Deloitte in December 2019 on the automation of Health Business Services Human Resources and finance processes. This pilot project showcased the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) within the HSE and since then RPA has been implemented across a number of areas in the HSE including the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, Health Business Services Finance team and Health Business Services Human Resources team.

Automation is providing HSE staff with an opportunity to re-design their ways of working using their digital workforce and embracing virtual assistants as a new layer to HSE multi-disciplinary teams. By investing in an automation training programme, the HSE will diversify their skillset and create a scalable, self-sufficient capability, delivered by HSE employees. Streamlining administrative workload through automation will not only release time for service delivery but will also improve employee engagement which evidence links to improved patient outcomes and experience.

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