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Public sector issues

Hot topic series

In this edition of hot topics, we are focusing on current issues within Public Body internal audit.

With the emphasis on value for money in areas such as travel and subsistence and with compliance with procurement and other Government guidelines being ever increased, Public Sector organisations are placing additional resources in these areas in order to maintain compliance with relevant Guidelines and requirements. As budgets and headcounts of organisations are slashed, the increased resources required for these areas are difficult to maintain, Our Public sector issues hot topics publication sets out the main areas of concern Deloitte have noted in our Public Sector clients and how we can help by providing independent reassurance that the processes and controls which have been put in place by management to govern this area are appropriate.

Harry Goddard, Partner

Topics covered:


  • Challenges
  • Key areas under scrutiny
  • Procrement compliance
  • Travel and subsistence
  • Data protection
  • Contract management
  • How Deloitte can help

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