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Building a future-ready military workforce

The increasingly complex threat environment calls for a rethink in military personnel strategy

Hear from Shane Mohan, Partner, Consulting and Government and Public Services Lead

In a rapidly shifting threat environment, these traditional frameworks and processes are becoming a source of diversity risk on one hand and operational risk on the other that our adversaries are taking advantage of. Evolving threats throw legacy personnel structures on their head, requiring a complete rethink of who military forces hire, how they hire them and why they hire them to maintain relative advantage.

Hear from Kieran O’Neill, Partner, Consulting and Government and Public Services

All employers face a battle between each other to attract and retain talent, military forces are no different. This will mean the military may have to reconsider how they attract the right talent for their future challenges. In future the profile of personnel will have to change to identify and recruit those with the skills, critical thinking, intellectual flexibility, and adaptable mindset. This means competing with other sectors for experienced talent who are at later career points and adopting direct entry routes for experienced practitioners.

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