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Enabling innovation in the public sector

 GovLab is our unique Deloitte offering dedicated to innovation in the public sector.   Central to the GovLab concept is design thinking and user-centric design.  Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, GovLab works to unearth opportunities and spur ongoing growth that helps public sector organisations:  

  • set and implement innovation strategy; 
  • design, build and launch innovations and; 
  • become better innovators through empowering organisations with the right processes, tradecraft and partnerships to deliver innovation results 

The public sector is faced with increasing pressure to evolve and to offer more “customer-centric” services, but constraints on the public sector can slow this transformation. As governments strive to balance priorities and the allocation of resources, new approaches are needed. The public sector needs to be increasingly innovative to effectively respond to the complex challenges facing society now and into the future. 
Deloitte GovLab strives to create connections between future trends and the public sector. At GovLab we have developed a unique understanding of an increasingly complex and dynamic world. To stay relevant in future it’s our belief that public sector organisations need to innovate regardless of whether they operate in healthcare, justice, education, central or local government. Innovation is necessary in areas where conventional approaches do not currently work. We believe that adopting an innovation mind-set can help to achieve transformational change. 
Innovation in government is about finding new ways to impact the lives of citizens, and new approaches to activating them as partners to shape the future together.  Innovations in AI, digital, cloud and analytics are fuelling societal change and transformation.  
GovLab is a global network 

Deloitte GovLab practitioners are located across the globe, including Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, US and Singapore.  GovLab practitioners collaborate across Europe, regularly sharing knowledge and experiences, working collaboratively with public sector organisations and developing our insights. This allows GovLab Ireland to bring the best of international eminence and experience to our Irish clients.  
GovLab Ireland 

Deloitte have always been at the forefront of innovative service delivery for our public sector clients: transforming public sector operating models, designing award-winning user experiences, or introducing cutting-edge technology.  If you want to hear more about how GovLab Ireland can help you take the next step on your innovation journey, contact us at 

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