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The Future of Talent in Insurance

While the future of the insurance industry will undoubtedly be shaped by many factors, one area which cannot be ignored, is unlocking the opportunity within the workforce.

The insurance industry is facing disruption from an industry and technology perspective, ranging from the emergence of insurtech, increased regulation, changing demographics and talent models, mobile domination and new distribution models. Yet, this disruption also presents unprecedented opportunities, with advancements in Blockchain, AI, and automation technologies2, offering insurers an opportunity to enhance efficiency, develop new ways of working and create more value-add roles for their people.

The below challenges have been identified for insurers and talent:

  • Scarcity of talent
  • Data as a talent opportunity
  • Need for innovation and new skills

There is a need for a new generation of talent to deliver value within the industry. The following steps are outlined in the report.

  1. Building leaders of the future
  2. Reframe the employee value proposition
  3. Leverage the workforce ecosystem

To find out more, download the report

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