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Future Winners in China's Asset Management Industry

Leadership in times of plenty

Asset management in China is a young industry and, as a consequence, Chinese investors, intermediaries and asset managers are not constrained by legacy infrastructure, regulatory frameworks and investment approaches. New thinking can be seen in the proliferation of investment strategies, products and distribution approaches. Powering all of this development is a furious pace of asset growth that no other emerging market has yet been able to replicate.

Casey Quirk by Deloitte paper

In this paper, Casey Quirk by Deloitte briefly sketch the size and distribution of Chinese assets today and in 2030. We then shift our focus to the five business models that we expect will increasingly come to dominate Chinese asset management. We conclude with two distinct views: one for Chinese firms steering toward one of the five winning models, and the second for foreign managers looking into China.

Key areas discussed are:

  • China Demand Snapshot
  • Oversupply and Maturation
  • Five Business Models
  • Target Business Models for Mainland Firms 
  • Foreign Managers Looking In

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