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IFRS 17 Video Series


We are delighted to share with you our IFRS 17 video series for 2019, which discusses a range of topics taking you from implementation right through to your financial reporting disclosures.

IFRS 17 impacts on organisation operating models.

In this video Paul discusses the vision for the operating modelling in an IFRS 17 world.

Variable Fee Approach

In this video Colin Murphy gives an insight to what the variable fee approach is. The types of policies to which it applies and risk mitigation under the VFA.

IFRS 17 proposed amendments to the SOFP presentation and the measurement of acquisition cash flows

In this video Evan outlines two of the proposed amendments to IFRS 17, the separate presentation of groups of assets and groups of liabilities on the SOFP and the measurement of acquisition cash flows for renewals outside the contract boundary.

The impact of IFRS 17 on reinsurance

In this video, Thomas Fallows examines some of the changes and challenges for both cedants and reinsurers.

IFRS 17 delay and the impact on implementation

In this video, Carla Dunne discusses the now assumed delay of IFRS 17 to 1 January 2022 and its impact on implementation planning.

Transition to IFRS 17

In this video, Paul Connor outlines the various options to Insurance Companies on transition to IFRS 17 and discusses the potential challenges with each option.

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