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2022 Financial Services Industry Outlooks

As we enter this next phase of the recovery, the future is unfolding. Financial services organisations are operating in a changing world - one they can help define. From banking and capital markets to insurance to investment management to commercial real estate, financial services firms face in 2022 a pivotal, no-turning-back opportunity to shape their - and the industry’s - future.

Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services outlook collection reveals near-term concerns and long-term opportunities, offering a strong argument for FSIs to be bold going forward. Across sectors, financial organisations could overcome challenges and ascend to new heights by prioritising digital transformation and ESG initiatives, investing in talent while rethinking the workplace, and partnering in new ways to innovate and increase efficiency. It’s time for financial leaders to think beyond traditional bottom-line metrics and develop strategies that serve both business and societal needs by putting purpose and trust at the top of the agenda. There’s never been a better time to reach higher.

2022 Banking and Capital Markets Outlook


Banks are at a make-or-break moment.

The pandemic was the ultimate gut punch, testing banks’ resilience in unforeseen ways. Yet, they are emerging stronger. And they now have a newfound conviction: They can overcome almost any challenge that comes their way.

But how can they channel this new energy to scale greater heights?

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2022 Insurance Industry Outlook


2021 saw widespread vaccine deployment and easing of pandemic-related restrictions—important catalysts that helped rebuild confidence among people and businesses alike, while fueling economic recovery. But the battle with COVID-19 is far from over, and a level of uncertainty will likely persist— perhaps indefinitely. Might this undermine the insurance industry’s outlook heading into 2022?

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2022 Investment Management Outlook


In 2021, the investment management industry fared well despite the pandemic-driven market volatility. While the overall outlook looks promising as we head into 2022, uncertainty around potential COVID-19 variants remains. This, along with a host of other factors, will likely continue to test investment management leaders as they strategise for the future and come up with credible tactical steps to deliver on their mission statements.

Success in 2022 will likely be driven by investment management firms’ ability to create a virtuous cycle of their leadership’s vision, strong talent models, operational improvements, alignment with stakeholder expectations, employee resilience, and strengthening culture.

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2022 Commercial Real Estate Outlook


As we turn the corner on 2021, hopes that we would be doing the same on COVID-19 have stalled. The Delta variant has clouded the near-term outlook as vaccination, masking, and social distancing requirements have impacted commercial work and gathering facilities. The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is positioned at the forefront of the recovery: Office employers are balancing productivity and safety; retailers face critical turning points in an evolving industry; residences are competing for tenancy amid shifting migration patterns and heightened affordability concerns. Meanwhile, companies face increasing demands to prioritise environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, aging technology infrastructures, a tightening labor market, and increasingly differentiated competition. How the CRE industry proceeds into early 2022 could set the foundation for its success over the next several years.

Read the full outlook here

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