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Human Capital as a Service

Innovating at the intersection of people and technology

The world doesn’t stop evolving and neither should your business. How are you navigating today’s realities while preparing for tomorrow’s? Deloitte Human Capital as a Service extends the power of your organisation through access to capabilities and insights to inform your path ahead.

How can you thrive in an unpredictable world?

Gain insights and extend capabilities.

How we define “normal” in terms of work, the workforce and the workplace keeps changing—sometimes abruptly and often disruptively. Leaders need to be able to anticipate and respond to changing and challenging conditions and adapt to the next normal while still pursuing their business strategies and goals. Having the right insight at the right time to make critical decisions about people and the business can be the difference between success and failure.

Do you have the capabilities to thrive?

  • Tap into data, insights and guidance to navigate work, workforce and workplace challenges in response to disruption or to undergo a transformation.
  • Augment your ability to use data to enhance human capital development and make more informed human capital decisions.
  • Gather the voice of the workforce and make decisions to drive engagement and well-being.
  • Overcome workforce management issues that hamper hiring and retention of skilled HR technology resources.
  • Deploy cloud-based HR solutions that align with industry growth and leading practices.
  • Reshape and optimise current HR cloud solutions or expand to new functional or technical areas to support organisational change.
  • Realise ongoing value from your investment in cloud solutions and adapt to unexpected market conditions.

Navigate today’s realities while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

Today’s disruptive environment calls for a different mindset and a new approach to drive organisational performance and enhance human capital development now and in the future. Deloitte Human Capital as a Service brings that insight, through broad and deep capabilities to help you optimise people, process and technology to thrive in an unpredictable world.

Are you ready to meet the changing needs of your business and people?

As organizations evolve, they need flexibility to address the current needs of their employees while innovating for tomorrow—all while increasing value and optimizing costs. Do you have the ability to meet the strategic imperatives that provide best-in-class services while continually optimizing and innovating? Deloitte’s Business Process Enablement offering responds to your need for integrated, comprehensive HR Operate capabilities focused on the delivery, modernization, and optimization of end-to-end HR solutions across your organization.

Let us help:

  • Produce fit-for-purpose solutions by tapping into the HR vendor ecosystem to meet your HR process operations and outsourcing needs.
  • Create customized resourcing solutions to meet your needs for growing capability and creating capacity and scale.
  • Evolve and optimize your operations by integrating enabling technologies that foster employee engagement and by automating for efficiencies across your HR platform.
  • Provide advice and market intelligence regarding your HR outsourcing strategy.

Why Deloitte?

Experienced industry leaders: Best-in-class Human Capital Consulting practice brings a wealth of global, cross-industry experience to help you evolve your HR capabilities and technology to support business strategy.

Strategic collaborators: Committed to your success, introducing insights to help you achieve operational efficiency and sustain organization performance.

Trusted advisors: Team of experienced professionals provides breadth and depth to help advance your HR technology and support transformation.

Extensive marketplace relationships: Vetted, trusted vendor relationships bring capabilities to support current needs and scale for future needs, along with specialized resources to create the necessary capacity

Get in touch:

Marty Marchetti

Leader | Human Capital Application Management Services

Robert Straub

Managing Director | Human Capital


Are you ready to extract more value from your HCM investment?

It's possible to realize substantial value from moving to the cloud - but it's not all about the technology. Staying on top of people matters, governance, and system optimization is essential for HCM cloud technology investments to live up to expectations.

We use our decades of experience and closely allied relationships with the world's leading HCM cloud providers to enable organizations to fully leverage the power of their technology and ultimately realize ongoing value from their human capital management investment.

Get in touch: 

Marty Marchetti

Leader | Human Capital Application Management Services


Are you ready to put people analytics to work?

External factors and ongoing disruption are compelling organizations to be more strategic in how they approach work, workforace and workplace issues, such as return to work; diversity, equity & inclusion; generational differences; and more.

People analytics provides insight into workforce data to help address these issues, but many organizations struggle to implement it. Our People Analytics services can help you leap over these hurdles and put people analytics to work. 

Let us help:

  • Assess where you are, identify opportunity gaps, and develop a strategy and roadmap to become more data driven and move the organization forward.
  • Navigate the marketplace of analytics technologies and match organizational needs to solution capabilities.
  • Harness the power of your data to make better-informed decisions, accelerate and de-risk human capital initiatives, and solve business challenges.
  • Define and operationalize the metrics that matter.
  • Understand the sentiment and needs of your workforce with employee listening services.
  • Enrich your internal people analytics with market data housed in our Human Capital Data Lake spanning labor, skills, and compensation.
  • Use our market research to translate insights into informed active listening.

Why Deloitte?

Research-based perspective: Our flagship High-Impact People Analytics study and resulting maturity model offer a comprehensive lens through which to explore capability strengths and deficiencies, understand which practices can influence progress, and identify common challenges organizations face.

Comprehensive capabilities: Broad range of services to guide your analytics journey from strategy to design, implementation, and beyond.

Experienced industry leaders: Best-in-class Human Capital Consulting practice brings global, cross-industry experience across all people domains as well as functional, technical, and data science capabilities.

Meet you where you are: Assistance to advance to where you want and need to be, whether mature in people analytics capabilities or beginning your journey.

Extensive marketplace relationships: Partnerships and alliances with most of the large analytics technology vendors.

Get in touch:

Marc Solow

Leader | Human Capital Analytics and Insights Solutions

Are  you ready to recognize what’s relevant to you? Uncover the real story? Make informed decisions?

To harness the full force of what their people can do, organizations must continuously sense, analyze, and act on challenges arising at the shifting intersection of work, the workforce, and the workplace. This requires the ability to plan for multiple scenarios, quickly pivot, and set new directions. Deloitte’s Insights2Action™ platform can help reduce uncertainty and improve decision quality to support the outcomes critical for your business, your people, and the wider communities where you live and work. Enabling you to sense trends to cut through the noise and focus on what matters, analyze what is relevant to your organization by surfacing the real questions, and act, making high-quality, informed decisions to guide your people and organization forward. Discover how Insights2Action™ can serve your organization.

Dig deeper: Insights2Action™

Get in touch:

David Mallon

Leader and Chief Analyst | Insights2Action™


Reduce uncertainty and improve decision quality with Insights2Action™ —a new free platform from Deloitte.

To harness the full force of what their people can do, organisations must continuously sense, analyse and act on challenges at the shifting intersection of work, the workforce and the workplace. Insights2Action™ can equip you to guide your people and organisation forward.