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Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Deloitte’s global Infrastructure & Capital Projects team provides comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire life cycle of an asset.  

Connect to infrastructure that builds better lives

It's time to revitalise, rebuild and reimaging the future.

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping tomorrow and strengthening our economy today, but not without challenges. Construction projects have grown larger, riskier, and more complex.

Powered by collaboration, innovation and transformation, we find solutions to the most pressing issues facing our clients and communities. From green infrastructure to sustainability, smart technologies to a life cycle approach – we drive ambitious outcomes, minimise risk and accelerate delivery.

See how we’re creating a lifetime of impact on everyday lives.

Making an impact that matters


From accessing capital to creating value, informed decision making to planning ahead – we bring the very best minds from across Deloitte Infrastructure & Capital Projects (I&CP) to turn the complex into clear.


We connect infrastructure with innovation. With an end-to-end approach, we work with organisations to build sustainable business growth, backed by our cutting-edge cross-border teams.


Enhancing outcomes and services for citizens through infrastructure is a primary focus. Working extensively in the public, private and capital investment sectors, we’re with you at every step.

Infrastructure Magazine

Public and private leaders are thinking differently about infrastructure and the vital role it plays in making the world and its cities better places to live and work. The inaugural issue of Infrastructure magazine examines many cutting-edge topics with some of the best minds in the business. From Norway’s lessons on zero-emission construction sites, to the role of indigenous communities in infrastructure planning, and the future of sustainable urban development. Infrastructure shares unique case studies and leading practices from around the world – as well as considered views on the future of the sector to prompt new ideas, debate and ultimately action and impact for good.

"Infrastructure should exist to significantly benefit humans. To change lives. And to enable the provision of better services like healthcare, education and justice services"