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HR Transformation

Empowering HR to take the lead

Some see disruption as a challenge. We see it as an opportunity for your HR organisation to lead the way. As the global leader in HR transformation (HRT), we help you imagine, connect and leverage strategy and technology to empower HR to own and solve enterprise-wide issues affecting the business, the workforce and how work gets done.

The changing enterprise demands a new future of HR

Four key shifts define the future

With Deloitte, you can empower HR to take the lead. Create HR strategy using our leading HRT labs. Explore ways to develop a human-centred workforce experience and emphasise employee engagement to prepare for technology adoption. Implement well-architected digital HR transformation and technology solutions. From end to end, we help you transform HR so your business and people deliver more value, better outcomes and increased productivity.


Empowering HR through end-to-end solutions encompassing strategy, design, implementation, and operations.

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The Deloitte difference

Our cross-industry experience, global depth, and close relationships make us leaders in redefining the role of HR through HR transformation.

Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends: Special report

See what global business and HR leaders—and, for the first time, workers themselves—have to say about the evolving worker-employer relationship. Read our special report to unpack what the future might hold.

Watch the On the Line video series from Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends: Special report

Informed by real-world interviews, our On the Line video series brings the 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends to life. In the series, we explore four potential futures through the lens of workers and managers.

See how the scenarios play out and prepare for what may be ahead

Explore more than 10 years of research and trends

The elevated talent and culture agenda in the boardroom

To understand how the pandemic has changed conversations in the boardroom, Deloitte interviewed CHROs from 15 leading organisations across multiple industries, including financial services, consumer products, technology, telecommunications, energy, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. Learn more about the feedback and the role of today’s CHRO.

Build trust in diversity, equity and inclusion commitments

Since the spring of 2020, many organisations have made public commitments to address societal disparity and injustice and established or expanded diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives for their current and future workforce. After more than a year of accelerated efforts, the questions arise: Do workers trust their organisations’ commitment and efforts thus far? And how might this change going forward?

Watch the HR Executive Webinar, The Digital Workplace: Foundation for a thriving hybrid workforce

Fueled by shifts in the worker-employer relationship and the virtual and hybrid workplace, C-suite executives are seeking new strategies and insights for unlocking business value in this new era of the digital workplace. Hear from Deloitte HR leaders on how to harness workforce potential to not only survive but thrive in the emerging hybrid environment.

The digital workplace reimagined: Elevating the human experience to unlock productivity+

There’s more to the digital workplace than simply providing workers with online access to office applications. By redesigning the virtual and hybrid workplace with humans at the center, organisations can improve the worker experience and deliver.

Exponential HR: Break away from traditional operating models to achieve work outcomes

HR is uniquely positioned to lead enterprises to thrive in the new world of work, playing a new and vital leadership role in shaping the way enterprises compete, access talent, curate experiences and show up in the communities where they live and work.

A memo to HR: Accelerating the shift to re-architecting work

COVID-19 thrust HR to the forefront of organisations' efforts to survive the crisis—and gained greater credibility in doing so. Now, HR has the opportunity to build on its newly enhanced position to shift its role from managing workers to re-architecting work, driving better outcomes that position organisations to thrive.

● ServiceNow 2021 Americas Transformation Partner of the Year and Americas Employee Workflow Partner of the Year and EMEA Partner of the Year and EMEA Employee Workflow Partner of the Year

● 3 SAP Pinnacle Awards for 2020, including SAP/SuccessFactors Partner of the Year

● Named a worldwide leader in Workday Implementation Services by Forrester

● Global 2019 Oracle Transformation Partner

● Infor Global Systems Integrator (GSI) Award of the Year 2020

● Named an undisputed global leader in HR Operations Consulting, 2019 by ALM Vanguard

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