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Corporate learning redefined

Prepare for a revolution

It’s a new age for learning & development. Online content, MOOCs, collaboration tools and social media now fuel a training model where employees own their skills and experts share knowledge freely.

Companies spend more than $130 billon on training and development worldwide, yet struggle to provide a modern online learning experience. At the same time, traditional employee training is being revolutionised by flipped classrooms, learning-centric models, and an explosion of content delivered over a variety of new online and mobile platforms.  

More than two-thirds of companies in our global survey see this trend as urgent or important, yet only 5% believe they have mastered the content and technology capabilities needed to make online learning an accessible tool and a compelling experience. See how by empowering employees to become equal partners in the learning process, HR organizstions can foster a culture of development and growth — driving performance, engagement and career development.



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