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Deloitte Snowball Programme

A programme for new audit joiners where experience grows faster than a rolling snowball

If you are looking for an internship or entry-level job in the audit/finance field, but have no experience, do not hesitate, and catch this opportunity to join Deloitte!

Here at Deloitte, we are investing heavily in professional development, and we want to ensure that all our employees, especially juniors, are well-prepared to work with our clients and constantly learn more about the audit field, which is very dynamic, challenging, and continually changing.

Therefore, in 2019 Deloitte introduced a program for new audit employees called "Snowball”. Thanks to the program, newcomers know and can do much more than was usual in the past. This includes not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills applied in practice. Within three months, newcomers gain the necessary knowledge and experience to work with clients for the most part independently right from the beginning, while building solid grounds for their career in finance.

What does the Snowball Programme offer?


✔️ 1 month of paid training
✔️ On-site training (possible traveling) combined with online
✔️ Training in a group – networking and getting together
✔️ Deloitte trainers – possibility to learn from industry leaders
✔️ Faster growth and development
✔️ Guaranteed job after successfully completed training

Deloitte Snowball Programme 2022

Let's look at the feedback from Baltic Audit colleagues about the Snowball program:

"I was glad to take part in Snowball last year, cause it provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also opportunity to try key audit procedures in audit simulator before starting work on a real project. In my opinion, this is a unique chance to prepare for the difficulties that inevitably will arise in the beginning."


Anastassija Devadze - Audit Analyst at Deloitte Estonia

"Snowball was a rapid introduction into the world of audit with very knowledgeable facilitators eager to help kick-start audit careers for new joiners. The advice given and the skills gained were matched by a unique opportunity to network and build connections. It was a privilege to take part and as it gave me confidence in my own ability and the sustained dedication to my career development offered by Deloitte."


Oliver Karm – Audit Analyst at Deloitte Estonia

Snowball program was a great learning opportunity for the new employees in the audit field, as well as served as a networking experience with the other new employees. During these 2 weeks the shared experience stories, practical tasks and after-work bonding opportunities made it into an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Adrija Šulce – Audit Analyst at Deloitte Latvia

„During my years with Deloitte I had a chance to participate in Snowball program from both perspectives – participant and facilitator. Snowball program gives an unique opportunity to learn from your future colleagues and get an invaluable hands-on experience and insights into real-world audit situations. During the program the interest in audit arose and five year later I am still in audit field, eager to obtain new knowledge everyday. And the audit is definitely the field which challenges you and gives the opportunity to improve everyday.”


Gabija Malikonyte - Audit Manager at Deloitte Lithuania

Snowball program gave me a lot of insights of what auditors do and how they do it. Moreover, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet my future colleagues not only from Lithuanian office, but also from Latvia and Estonia.


Evija Buraite - Audit Analyst at Deloitte Lithuania

If you want to start your career at Deloitte, but have no experience in the audit field - do not hesitate and join us in August and get an incredible opportunity to participate in the Snowball program!

All you have to do is to visit our Career website and upload your CV. 

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Janne Hannula.

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