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Deloitte + Atlassian

Don't just bet on the future. Build and engineer it.

Engineering future enterprises

Who knows what the future will look like? Deloitte’s global alliance with software company Atlassian ensures that we’re not just betting on the future—we’re helping build and engineer it.

Together, we can enable digital transformation while empowering our clients to unlock new possibilities and build brighter futures.

Global leaders in cloud transformation

The importance of modernising business infrastructures to stay ahead of the competition is critical. Deloitte and Atlassian’s cloud transformation services provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to migrate their products to the cloud.

Throughout the migration process, our experienced team will guide you through the initial assessment to migration, including onboarding users and subsequent support. With our help, organisations can gain business agility while lowering overall IT costs, improving equipment performance and strengthening security.

At Deloitte, we understand that technology leaders face numerous challenges when determining the best option for their business needs. That's why we provide personalised guidance to jump-start your journey.

Explore our cloud transformation services below to see how we can help your organisation gain a competitive edge in today's digital marketplace. 

Case studies

Large global bank needed help in a major migration of 17,000 agile specialists and 2,000 projects from Rally onto Jira

Deloitte led a wave-based migration approach utilising a 3rd party software. Initial waves were POC and pilot, and then subsequent increased in size, while simultaneously decreasing in cycle time

Aligned agile technology specialists on a single tool, reduced cost and streamlined tools and support for new teams with centralised enterprise controls

Large US lender needed to successfully consolidate 2 active Jira instances to ensure standardised enterprise controls and reporting

Deloitte implemented and enhanced functionality from the legacy system onto the destination system. Teams then began transitioning to the destination system in a self-service fashion, while Deloitte implemented additional enhancements

Provided functionality needed to support enterprise goal of managing funds, consolidated functionality onto a single environment to ensure enforcement enterprise controls, reducing overhead and streamlining work

A healthcare organisation needed to understand how their annual technology spend aligned to business strategy. They needed visibility to resource capacity planning at the enterprise level

Deloitte established a work hierarchy tying work to strategic objectives and business strategy, stood up governance forums to support and conducted quarterly planning and portfolio reporting. Using those capabilities, Deloitte then set up a costing framework o provide forward financial forecasts

Developed agile portfolio views with supporting hierarchy, enabled view to understand cross dependencies across portfolio, moved from annual budgeting and planning to quarterly forecasts and tied work spend to outcome focused objectives measured by OKR’s and KPI’s

An insurance organisation wanted to improve transparency on collaboration and agile execution 

Configured Jira Advance Roadmaps and modified Jira to support a portfolio to team flow of work with supportive reporting to help leaders and teams plan and execute projects. Rolled out pilot to optimise followed by full rollout and team training

Increased efficiencies on executing their intake and planning processes; providing a reduction in time-to-market lead time

Large global insurer needed to implement Jira Align on top of Jira to scale efficiently and provide better visibility 

Stood up governance forums to review work health and assist with future quarter planning and forecasting. Developed a capability map and prioritised the rollout of capabilities. Conducted portfolio reporting sessions to provide portfolio transparency

Integrated Jira Align into the broader ecosystem and strategy, enabled agile reporting to show how work is tied to business objectives and leveraged Jira align to conduct quarterly portfolio planning

Our services

Enterprise cloud and data centre transformation

To enhance data transformation journeys, we provide organisations with the best-in-class technical insights and expertise to deliver complex cloud migrations and unmatched managed services for ongoing administration, configuration and integrations.

Scaling agility

As a market leader in business agility, we enable organisations to adopt agile tools, principles and methods at all levels of the enterprise—helping teams become more customer-centric and lean, as well as leveraging DevOps where appropriate.

Enterprise service management (ESM)

To enhance and accelerate business outcomes, we provide organisations with a unified approach that eliminates redundancies, improves operational efficiency, empowers service teams and enhances employee experience. Our strategic process include advisory, design, implementation and continuous improvement

Managed services

Implementing a strong managed services model can be a game changer for organisations. Our capabilities offer an enduring digital blueprint that provides market- leading expertise to accelerate integration of products into an organisation’s current ecosystems.

Lean portfolio management

Agility is key to delivering dynamic strategies and functional solutions. Through our lean portfolio management services, we provide  enterprise-wide support customised to a clients’ needs. Our services include agile tools for agile teams, agile and digital PMO, agile at scale and service management tools

License sourcing

To ensure organisations reach their full potential, we provide clients with a best in-class Global Reseller programme. This offering allows Deloitte to provide customers with a single point of contact for packaged solutions that includes Atlassian product licenses, software implementation, managed services and as hosting.

Our events

Teams’23 event participation, “We are very excited to be at Teams'23 as an Atlassian Global Partner, since it enables us to help our clients achieve faster time to value through improved flow of work and synchronized scalability of product and agile teams. Atlassian's comprehensive range of products forms the foundation for our Deloitte and client teams, enabling them to resolve intricate business challenges and accelerate their enterprise transformations.”

- Manoj Mishra, Deloitte US Lead Alliance Partner

“I am very proud of our global relationship with Atlassian and am really looking forward to working together to help our clients effectively navigate digital disruption and transformation. Atlassian is our first global alliance with an Australian tech company and this relationship is an important step in our mutual goal of having Australia be recognised as a global technology innovation hub.” - Adam Powick, Deloitte Australian CEO

- Adam Powick, Deloitte Australia CEO, and Michael Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Atlassian