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Energy & Chemicals

As the leading provider of the world's primary energy sources, the energy and chemicals industry is an important business, the transformation of which stands at the heart of enabling a successful energy transition and sustainable future. Our network of professionals is committed to helping oil, gas and chemicals companies navigate complexity and accelerate the pace of innovation to continue to supply the energy the world needs in a lower-carbon way. 

Collaborating to create bespoke solutions

Success in the energy and chemicals industry typically requires deep understanding of policy, government involvement, public-private partnerships, cross-sector alliances and tax knowledge — in addition to operational efficiency, digitalisation and clean-energy innovation. 

Our professionals bring a combination of subject-matter depth and multi-disciplinary skills, and by harnessing the value of collaboration across the industry, we can address each business challenge. Even more, we listen to our clients to formulate customised solutions based on our extensive capabilities.