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Technology as a Service

Application management services for your tax technology tools

Technical administration and ongoing management of your tax technology

The Cloud is a strong enabler of digital transformation—and organisations leverage the cloud for analytics, transactions and overall tax operations. Maintaining that software is vital to serve your business and is an increasingly complex effort.

Deloitte tax technology services provide expert administration and management of tax technology/software including data automation, indirect tax software, direct tax software and other tax and finance applications. IT functions are increasingly looking to third parties and other administrators to maintain infrastructure. Tax applications require both technology acumen and an appreciation for unique tax considerations and regulatory requirements.

Focus on tax and accounting. We’ll handle the rest.

Our expertise combined with innovative technology enable the tax function to run better, smoothervand faster. As your tax transformation partners, can help your tax professionals focus on high value analysis, planning and audit work, while we handle the technical administration. Our tax technology-as-a-service offering frees your tax and, in many cases, your IT professionals from having to manage and support tax technology applications.