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Deloitte Signal Alert: AI-powered tax-intelligent media platform

Stay ahead. Prepare for tomorrow’s world of tax today with AI.

In the world of tax, knowledge is king and businesses can be overwhelmed with data. Staying up to date with new tax laws and regulation and the volume of change can be difficult. At the same time, tax and finance leaders are being asked to do more with fewer resources—to stay ahead of risks, keep up with news, draw insights from more data and track more regulations across more jurisdictions.

Act now with confidence. Information with context.

With Signal Alert, it is possible for your business to transform the way it monitors and assesses changes to tax law and regulation on a real-time basis. Learn more below.

In a constantly changing tax landscape, you can rely on AI-powered technology to transform how your business monitors and filters tax relevant information to give you greater clarity and transparency in responding to regulatory updates at a global and a local level. All of which helps to more efficiently identify and manage your risk.

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What is Signal Alert?

Deloitte, in collaboration with Signal AI can help you stay up to date with time-critical tax developments. Signal's proprietary AI technology, is trained by Deloitte tax specialists to understand key regulatory developments in over 175 jurisdictions. The tool surfaces relevant new tax developments and market changes from over 1000 trusted regulatory sources, together with information from news and other media sources around the world.

Download an overview of the Signal AI solution.

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  • 5-8 million documents scanned each day
  • Across 175 key tax jurisdictions
  • 80+ languages
  • 1000+ trusted regulatory sources

Predict, plan and respond to tax regulatory updates and legislative change in virtual real time

Benefits include:

  • Compliance
    Save time and reduce manual effort in understanding key regulatory changes in 175 jurisdictions. Periodic reports aggregated by Signal, curated and tailored by a dedicated team of Deloitte specialists who track and analyse regulatory changes, will help to keep you on top of what is happening.
  • Better business support
    Keep pace with real-time automated alerts of references to specific tax areas such as Digital Services Tax and stay informed of prevailing sentiment.
  • Value for the business
    We also offer direct access to the Deloitte Signal platform which extends your perspective across industries and businesses to help you identify risks and opportunities relating to your tax position and increases visibility to help you manage and review trends and anticipate changes in law and regulation.

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What can Signal Alert do?

Information with context - Curated reports
To complement the information provided daily, Deloitte’s tax specialists can create a weekly digest (covering geography, type of tax or industry/market), capturing key information and keeping you updated.

Accuracy with speed - Tax Topic Alerts
Receive the latest tax developments and trending news items (for example, daily email alerts on COVID-19 tax relief and fiscal measure updates).

Data with insights - Direct access to the media platform
Access to source folders and news feeds for Topic Alerts and curated reports, as well as a dashboard view on aggregate news and topics. The platform can be used to search and analyse topics of interest using a range of sophisticated built in tools.

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