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Mobility Tax

Mobility tax expertise for any type of mobile employee

Deloitte's global mobility tax team has in-depth knowledge and experience to help clients design, operate and enhance their mobility programmes.

Align your tax strategy and operations to support a mobile workforce

An agile, mobile workforce gives businesses the flexibility to assign the right resources to the right locations. This helps support project requirements, facilitates business growth, and adds inherent value. Temporary, permanent, mobile, and remote employee arrangements are common today, each requiring differing levels and types of support. Such flexibility can also increase compliance risk and make tax obligations more complex, with businesses and mobile employees often required to file returns in multiple jurisdictions. In addition, some tax authorities are adding more stringent enforcement of wage and tax reporting requirements, generating more payroll and tax audits.

Deloitte’s mobility tax specialists draw on extensive knowledge of tax regulations across jurisdictions to help clients address these complex situations. Our experienced tax and HR professionals can help clients align strategy, policy and operations to address the talent and tax implications of a mobile workforce.

The Deloitte difference

We are not new to the rapidly changing world of work. Over Deloitte’s 175-year history, we have helped our clients navigate ground-shifting mobile workforce changes.

  • Mobility is a capability. Deloitte’s Global Employer Services helps clients address the tax implications of remote work, local hires and navigate periods of disruption and uncertainty.
  • From “doing digital” to “being digital.” During our three-year Tax in 2020 initiative, we doubled our investment in digital transformation, focussing on developing digital capabilities, moving to cloud-based solutions, and an integrated global platform that streamlines many tax compliance activities. Employee experience has been high on our priority list.
  • Putting all of Deloitte to work for you. Because remote work has many more implications than just tax compliance, our tax and human capital specialists work together to deliver relevant research, analytics and insights.

Our mobility tax services include:

  • Preparation of individual tax returns for domestic and mobile employees
  • Hypothetical tax calculations
  • Tax equalisations
  • Net pay calculations
  • Income and social tax planning
  • Remote and contingent worker compliance and consulting
  • Business traveler compliance, analytics and consulting
  • Tax concierge services
  • Pre-travel assessments
  • Technology solutions