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VAT/GST compliance

Indirect tax

Real-time reporting requirements and increasing scrutiny from tax authorities are challenging businesses to find more efficient, automated ways to manage compliance processes across indirect taxes. These include VAT, GST, sales and use tax, multistate tax, and environmental tax.

Businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions face tremendous challenges in keeping pace with each jurisdiction’s indirect tax laws and an array of compliance and reporting requirements.

Deloitte has proven experience in helping clients establish and managing their local, regional as well as global indirect tax compliance. We have local experts in more than 150 countries and a network of specialist compliance and reporting partners and teams experienced in delivering complex global compliance services. Deloitte’s Global Tax Compliance Centers in Europe, in South America and Asia Pacific, provide consistent and efficient processing of returns across multiple jurisdictions.

Our services include:

Recurring compliance services

  • Preparation and submission of VAT/, GST, Intrastat and other indirect tax returns
  • Review of compliance data and quality checks
  • Assistance with tax audits and compliance related questions raised by the tax authorities
  • Fiscal representation services

Indirect Tax Recovery

  • Recovery of local and foreign VAT using automated technology solution, Revatic Smart

Indirect tax management and compliance automation

  • Deloitte Tax Insight
  • Deloitte Smart: Deloitte’s VAT reporting engine integrated with 3rd party solutions
  • Indirect Tax Data Analytics

Compliance related (advisory) services

  • VAT/GST registrations and de-registrations
  • Co-ordination of insourcing, outsourcing, co-sourcing of international indirect tax compliance
  • Review of invoicing requirements, VAT/GST rates, etc.
  • Transaction and invoice flow mappings
  • Reconciliations
  • Shared service center design, compliance model implementation

Post-merger compliance integration services

  • Strategic review of current and post-merger organisational structure, resourcing levels, technology, tax reporting cycle and stakeholders
  • Strategic VAT/GST advice, guidance and assistance with post-merger integration

Indirect tax compliance risk reviews

  • Strategic review of current organisational structure, resourcing levels, technology, tax reporting cycle and both internal and external stakeholders

Compliance programme development (training, organisation design, policy and procedures) and reviews

  • Support internal compliance programme design
  • Advise on global compliance organisational structure
  • Create global and local specific technical and compliance manuals
  • Develop tailored standard operating procedures
  • Review / benchmark of global compliance programsme

Indirect tax compliance training and knowledge management

  • Design and implement tailored training programmes
  • Develop training courses on multi-jurisdictional VAT/GST regulations
  • Indirect tax eLearning
  • Legislative updates

Government relations support

  • Support clients with engaging/liaising with government authorities
  • Strategic advice, guidance and assistance with local VAT/GST audits by tax authorities

Other indirect tax compliance requirements

  • Insurance premium taxes: compliance and related compliance advisory
  • Other local taxes, such as environmental taxes, energy taxes, medical device taxes, local statistical reporting requirements, etc.
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