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Global trade compliance

Indirect tax

Deloitte's Global Trade Advisory specialists around the world can help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions.

Businesses are facing an increasing number of compliance requirements in the countries in which they operate, as well as more rigorous enforcement by tax authorities. Deloitte offers efficient, cost-effective global trade compliance services including co-sourcing and outsourcing options. We help businesses manage compliance risk by providing timely and transparent reporting through the application of technology-based solutions. This can help improve data management, data integrity and accuracy. When controversies or investigations arise Deloitte can provide tax authority audit or litigation assistance, advice and reports.

Deloitte's team includes customs brokers, industry specialists, accountants, lawyers, supply chain specialists, auditors, economists and former government officials who have in-depth knowledge of customs-related policies and national regulations, as well as local country practices.

Compliance outsourcing and co-sourcing

  • Assisting clients by providing global trade compliance services (from our offices or at the premises of the clients)

Global trade compliance human capital review

  • Review current global trade organisational structure and resourcing levels
  • Assess resourcing needs based on qualitative and/or quantitative analyses of business requirements and estimated workloads

Global trade compliance risk reviews

  • Develop effective global trade compliance assessment programmes
  • Perform detailed compliance assessments

Compliance programme development (training, organisation, design, policy and procedures) and reviews

  • Support internal compliance programme design
  • Advise on global trade compliance organisational structure
  • Create global customs technical manuals
  • Develop tailored standard operating procedures
  • Review / benchmark of global trade compliance programmes
  • Business cases

Global trade compliance training

  • Design and implement training programmes for organisations
  • Develop and provide multi-jurisdictional customs regulations training
  • Indirect Tax eLearning: Develop online training courses on multi-jurisdictional customs regulations

Product classification support

Government relations support

  • Support clients engaging/liaising with government authorities
  • Support clients with government audits