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Global Information Reporting

Navigate your tax reporting and compliance challenges

Complying with complex and ever-changing global information reporting requirements can be challenging for international organisations—especially when there is a reliance on highly manual processes. Those that capture data properly and correctly handle customer tax documentation and global tax reporting can focus on growth and business strategies, knowing their regulatory and compliance responsibilities can grow and keep pace with them.

Deloitte’s Global Information Reporting Ecosystem (GIR Ecosystem) helps clients meet their requirements with a broad spectrum of tax reporting services in a scalable, reliable and secure way. By automating the steps in the lifecycle, from tax document reviews through to tax reporting, our services in this space are more efficient and provide you greater control and visibility.

The GIR Ecosystem includes global tax reporting specialists with the experience and perspective to address current and proposed tax information requirements. Our teams provide advice on discreet topics and jurisdictional requirements such as rules related to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and information reporting rules for cryptocurrency transactions, to supporting end-to-end global tax information reporting.

Before consolidating and reporting data, Deloitte teams work with you to identify, discuss and resolve reporting issues or changes that may affect your business or that could prompt regulatory concern. Deloitte’s international tax services, capabilities and technology allow us to efficiently complete all phases of global information reporting including:

  • Synthesising and validating data from standardised transaction and tax forms;
  • Identifying, classifying and establishing a record of changes to account management or disposition; and
  • Timely reporting and submission of accurate reports and required backup data in jurisdictions worldwide.

Deloitte’s global information reporting services teams use our proven scalable, reliable and secure processes to help you meet reporting obligations and maintain compliance. Our deep expertise can deliver greater transparency and confidence to you and your tax and finance leaders.